At The Indoor Botanist,  we are passionate about Terrariums, in fact they are an obsession!

We produce a range of modern and traditional terrariums. We select every plant for quality, and  lovingly create the planted arrangements and landscapes. Each finished terrarium is totally unique and is provided with simple care instructions.

Terrariums are gardens under glass that combine art and nature. They beautify any home and workplace, and create feelings of peace, harmony and tranquility. With a minimum of maintenance they can flourish and last for very many years.

The first terrariums were developed in England in the mid 1800’s and for the purpose of transporting plants from overseas by ship and to protect them form the salty environment. Their popularity quickly spread in the Victorian era. Whilst never entirely out of fashion, in the last few years they have seen an explosive growth in popularity and terrariums now take pride of place in homes and work places throughout the world. 

For those who want to be involved in the making of their own terrarium, as well as completely finished terrariums, we also provide ‘create it yourself’ kits and empty terrarium cases. The kit includes the glass container and all that is needed for you to create your own little green world. 

We provide all the plants and accessories as well as easy to follow assembly and care instructions. The kits were tested on a focus group of nine year olds and every one created a beautiful finished piece in less than twenty minutes!  (Any younger and we recommend an adult is on hand to assist.)

The empty terrarium cases are available for you to plant any way you wish.

We also undertake special commissions and can design and make a terrarium to your specific requirements.